Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Skirt WIP

This skirt is coming along quite nicely. I spent a few hours last night stitching up the waistband and the first row of the ruffles.

Today I've begun working on the mesh under the first row of ruffles and the base for the second row of ruffles.

I've repeatedly tried this on LW just to be sure that it will fit her come Easter. I am still unsure though how I will adorn the waistband. I suppose that will depend upon what I decide to do for her onesie.

The pattern that I am currently using can be found here. Also to the right here you will see a chart that I found that seems to be very similar to the video pattern that I am following.

The video, although not in English is very detailed and Svetlana takes her time to show you each small stitch.

The only thing I've changed from the video versus mine is #1 I am using crochet cotton thread size 10 and a size 7 steel hook, Also I changed colors from the waistband to the first ruffle and then again on the last 2 rounds on the ruffle. I've changed back to the white for the mesh under the first ruffle.

Oh, and lastly, there is only a brief moment where you get to actually see how many rows of mesh that you need to do before adding the next ruffle row, there are 7 rows under ruffle 1, and 7 rows under ruffle 2.

As Always, Happy Stitching!
Ashly Newton

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