Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A week in review

I've completed 3 more rounds of Sophie's Universe. For now though I put it to the side while I worked on a few other things.

Charmed Mama Cloth
This is my fifth mama cloth this week. My own pattern using the "bifold" method. Each mama cloth is heavy/overnight absorbency. Each pad I made this week was 100% hand stitched. My stitching could use some work, but my top stitching has vastly improved this week.
Mama Cloth Quintet

I also got to work on a little cross stitching. This design when finished will become a phone case/phone sleeve :).

And lastly some puppy tax for sticking with me to this point. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sophie's Universe

I jumped on the bandwagon for Sophie's Universe a little late, but better late than never right?
 Pictured is Sophie's Universe
WIP Completed rounds 1-33
Started this last night and it is ADDICTING! Each round is different, the stitches are constantly flip flopping from front post, back post, I'm crocheting in 2 rows down, and back up again and so on. For me it's just a breath of fresh air from the normal same stitch repeats for round after round after round.

So if you're up for a challenge (not like hard type of challenge, just a focus challenge) then I highly suggest this wonderful afghan. Currently I'm doing mine in a solid Navy Blue, but maybe once I'm finished I'll pick a palette of colors and start fresh with another Sophie's Universe.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Red Wine Top

Lost my hook so I had to take a mini break
on this until the hook came out of hiding.


All the scraps from other blankets.
A multitude of different stitches, all combined in a very eclectic fashion.
 Originally this blanket was intended to be the As-We-Go-Stripey Blanket from Hannah over at Not Your Average Crochet, but then as I stitched I at some point lost the printed pattern and just kept stitching in a fashion of stitches that I was comfortable with. I added in some bean stitch, a few extra half double crochet rows, and a row of spike stitch along the way. The blanket is essentially the same design as hers.

On the Catherine Wheel she does emphasize that one must stitch loosely. I just couldn't seem to adjust well enough that everything didn't seem squeezed and misshapen, so I increased my hook size until it was loose enough and then reverted back when I'd completed the Catherine Wheel rows.

I also used a variety of yarns to stitch this blanket. Most is Red Heart Super Saver, but I did use some of Vanna's Choice yarn, Lion Brand Wool, Caron Eco and a few rows of Bernat Baby yarn. These rows however I tried to use primarily within the half double crochet rows, and adjusted the hook size to keep the gauge with the rest of the blanket.
My little one was enjoying it before I could even finish it. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Custom Batman Blanket

Made this for my sons 10th birthday. It matches his room that we painted. (Also done for his birthday).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Skirt

Easter Skirt is finished, I think.

May add belt loops and a ribbon belt, if I can find a ribbon that I think fits this well enough.

I made this to fit my DD and it fits her perfectly. Depending on if I decide to do the belt or not will determine whether I add a strip or two of elastic thread to the inside of the waistband for a snug fit.

The original pattern calls for 3 layers of ruffles, mine only has 2. I wanted a shorter skirt more of a 'tutu' type skirt, so I eliminated one set of ruffles.

This actually worked up very quickly. The time spent on this was about the equivalent of the average doily. Although I'm very happy with the results of this, for any future skirts using this pattern I will use either baby yarn or size 5 or 3 crochet cotton. Just preference mostly because of the weight differences between the thread and yarns.

Now I'm anxious to start more of these. I would like to make at least 3 more in newborn size for my shop. And another one for DD and one for my niece.  Well I'm off to start stitching another skirt.

As Always, Happy Stitching,
Ashly Newton

Easter Skirt WIP

This skirt is coming along quite nicely. I spent a few hours last night stitching up the waistband and the first row of the ruffles.

Today I've begun working on the mesh under the first row of ruffles and the base for the second row of ruffles.

I've repeatedly tried this on LW just to be sure that it will fit her come Easter. I am still unsure though how I will adorn the waistband. I suppose that will depend upon what I decide to do for her onesie.

The pattern that I am currently using can be found here. Also to the right here you will see a chart that I found that seems to be very similar to the video pattern that I am following.

The video, although not in English is very detailed and Svetlana takes her time to show you each small stitch.

The only thing I've changed from the video versus mine is #1 I am using crochet cotton thread size 10 and a size 7 steel hook, Also I changed colors from the waistband to the first ruffle and then again on the last 2 rounds on the ruffle. I've changed back to the white for the mesh under the first ruffle.

Oh, and lastly, there is only a brief moment where you get to actually see how many rows of mesh that you need to do before adding the next ruffle row, there are 7 rows under ruffle 1, and 7 rows under ruffle 2.

As Always, Happy Stitching!
Ashly Newton

Shades of Plum Skirt

Skirt is size 12-18 months. Stitched up with a size 5 steel hook and size 5 Bernat Handicrafter thread. Color combinations are amazing, and the Bernat thread is very soft and 'bouncy', which gives the entire skirt a plush feel. To this skirt I added 3 ruffles versus the 2 on the previous pink and white skirt. This skirt took almost the entire 371 yard ball of the multi colored thread and almost an entire ball of the green. 
Some of the mesh details under the ruffles.
The details inside the waistband of the elastic. 

Custom Camo Blanket

Peek-A-Boo Pooh

Completed Blanket
A Happy customer with her personalized blanket :)

Batman Blanket

Completed Blanket